Covers with books (7) – een ‘booktown’


Een aardig omslag voor een (vlgs commentaren) minder geslaagd boek waarin Paul Collins zijn wederwaardigheden verteld over het verhuizen, met zijn gezin, naar booktown Hay-on-Wye.

Synopsis: Bibliophile Collins relates how he and his family uprooted themselves from San Francisco and settled in the small Welsh village of Hay-on-Wye, the “Town of Books” that boasts a population of 1,500 and 40 antique bookstores.

Review: “Collins can be quite funny, and he pads his sophomore effort with obscure but amusing trivia… but it’s hard to imagine anyone beyond bibliophiles and fellow Hay-lovers finding enough here to hold their attention. Witty and droll though he may be, Collins fails to give his slice-of-life story the magic it needs to transcend the genre.” Publishers Weekly


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