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Een boekomslag met een foto van de Amerikaanse ‘page curler’ Cara Barer.
Deze fotogafe heeft een schitterend collectie opgebouwd met afbeeldingen van
boeken met gekrulde pagina’s ‘in extremo’.




Wave and Fog


Voor het boekomslag is ‘Winston’s‘ gebruikt.

“I am attempting to blur the line between objects, sculpture, and photography. This project has become a journey that continues to evolve.”

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Het boek: Bound to Please – An Extraordinary OneVolume Literary Education,
geschreven door Michael Dirda.

A showcase of one hundred of the world’s most significant books is comprised of some of the Pulitzer Prize-winning author’s introductory essays on such writers as James Boswell, Colette, and Joseph Roth, in a volume that includes explorations of a range of genres as well as numerous specific works.

Paperback: 560 pages – uitgever: W.W. Norton & Co; Reprint edition (May 2007)
ISBN-10: 0393329631 [zie bij]


Surveying the dizzying universe of classic books, Michael Dirda, the Pulitzer Prize-winning literary essayist, proves himself to be one of the most engaging critics of our time–and great fun to read. Opening with an impassioned critique of modern reading habits, he then presents many of the great, and idiosyncratic, writers he loves most. In this showcase of one hundred of the world’s most astonishing books, Dirda covers a remarkable range of literature, including popular genres such as the detective novel and ghost story, while never neglecting the deeper satisfactions of sometimes overlooked classics. Short-listed for the Los Angeles Times Book Award for criticism, Bound to Please is a glorious celebration of just how much fun reading can be.

Dirda is onder meer senior editor van de Washington Post Book World.


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