2008 National Year of Reading – een jaar lang ‘lees-promotie’ in Engeland


Op 8 januari 2008 ging de ‘year-long celebration of reading‘ officieel van start. Deze maand komt de grootschalige campagne om het lezen te bevorderen goed op stoom met de eerste van negen thema-maanden.


Reading is everywhere and it’s not just about books: you can read anything, anywhere and anytime.

Reading is:
newspapers, magazines, comics, graphic novels, short stories, braille, subtitles in films, text message, websites, online games, computer screens, blogs, signs, emails, audio books, podcasts, websites on your mobile, storytelling. Got any more…?

And you can do it anywhere:
At home, at work, on the tube, on the bus, in the park, cafes, waiting for the doctor, in bed, at the station, in the bath, in the garden, in the supermarket, in an internet café. Got any more…?

Try reading something different or somewhere different.
Read a book on the underground, a newspaper article online, or a short story in a magazine. Read a manga cartoon in a café. Download a podcast. Email links from online articles to friends. Read lyrics. Start up a wiki where you and others can write stories.

En, natuurlijk een YouTube promotiefilmpje…

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