De openbare bibliotheek in Chongqing – de grootste stad van China

For the largest city in China, Chongqing, comprising 30 million inhabitants and more than 3,000 years of history, a new library had to be much more than just a collection of books.

The 490,500-square-foot new Chongqing Library is a stunning urban complex, which respects the long and unique culture of its predecessor while looking toward this energetic region’s future by projecting a modern image. Features such as hotel rooms for visiting scholars, a public theater, a conferencing center, and restaurant also help redefine the library as a cultural destination. In this way, the library as an institution is inviting and welcoming, rather than intimidating and exclusive. To convey the importance of this new city landmark, the design concept was predicated on the notion that learning, knowledge, and the exchange of ideas must be free, open, and accessible to all.

chongqing-4.jpg chongqing-2.jpgchongqing-3.jpgchongqing-5.jpgchongqing-1.jpg

Dit project was in 2009 één van de acht prijswinnaars van de AIA/ALA Library Building Awards, van The American Institute of Architects.

    • Website Chongqing Library (alleen Chinees).

      Maar elders in deze miljoenenstad is ook dit nog te zien.

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      Op deze video krijg je een indruk van deze ‘amazing city’. (Puur Sim City voor de kenners!)

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