Classic cars and young librarians in a novel by Richard Peck upload van lauwrenG op 15 jul 2011

Here Lies the Librarian
Auteur: Richard Peck
Engels – Hardcover
Ook verkrijgbaar als: Paperback
145 pagina’s | Dial Books | april 2006


Peewee idolizes Jake, a big brother whose dreams of auto mechanic glory are fueled by the hard road coming to link their Indiana town and futures with the twentieth century. And motoring down the road comes Irene Ridpath, a young librarian with plans to astonish them all and turn Peewee’s life upside down. Here Lies the Librarian, with its quirky characters, folksy setting, classic cars, and hilariously larger-than-life moments, is vintage Richard Peck-an offbeat, deliciously wicked comedy that is also unexpectedly moving.


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