The Morgan Library & Museum, een bezoek waard…

Het is wat ver uit de buurt, maar daar is toch regelmatig heel veel moois te zien, zoals bijvoorbeeld de volgende drie tentoonstellingen.

Drawing Babar: Early Drafts and Watercolors
Nog tot 4 januari 2009 originele tekeningen van het wereldberoemde olifantje Babar.

In 2004 the Morgan acquired the working drafts and printer-ready watercolors for Histoire de Babar, le petit éléphant (1931), the first book by Jean de Brunhoff (1899–1937), and Babar et ce coquin d’Arthur (1946), the first book by Laurent de Brunhoff (b. 1925). Together these two collections—shown virtually in their entirety for the first time—provide an extraordinary record of the working methods of the two men, both painters turned storytellers. From the naming of Babar himself (first called simply “Baby Elephant”) to the introduction of the beloved character Queen Celeste—not present in Jean de Brunhoff’s first draft—these early sketches and watercolors provide an intimate look at the creation of an enduring fictional world.

Supplementing the Morgan’s important collection of manuscripts and drawings are splendid copies of first editions of the earliest Babar books, notable for their large format and stunning graphic appeal.

Charles Dickens’s Christmas Carol
Vanaf nu tot 4 januari 2009 is het originele manuscript van A Christmas Carol van Dickens te zien in een speciale presentatie in de McKim Building (op zich ook al een absolute aanrader zie foto onderaan).

Protecting the Word: Bookbindings of the Morgan
Van 5 december to 29 maart 2009. Een keuze uit de eigen verzameling van meer dan 1000 boekbanden.


Roger Bartlett Mosaic Binding
Oxford, 1678. On: The Holy Bible, London

One of the Morgan’s core strengths is its collection of historically and artistically significant bookbindings. Begun energetically by Pierpont Morgan himself before the turn of the twentieth century, it has grown over the decades. It spans the ages—more than 1,500 years—and many regions of the globe.

Protecting the Word presents a sampling of the Morgan’s extensive collection of bindings. Highlights from the exhibition include an eighth-century binding used on the Lindau Gospels, a fifth-century Coptic work, a late fifteenth-century Parisian textile binding, an English bible, and prayer book in stump work embroidery.


Mr. Morgan’s Library in het McKim Building.

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